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#1 2009-08-30 20:46:53

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Some REQ's

The first one is a LinkChecker; especially for RS and MU.
I haven't searched a lot tbh, but I don't think out community (punBB) owns one.
If i'm mistaken, provide me the link.

Secondly, a very unique and priceless feature that I've found for first time in Warez-BB: LiteSurf.
Official W-BB.org description:


Many forums out there are slow at loading, why? Because they have numerous numbers of signatures and avatars which some are as big as 400KB. Most of the time whilst viewing a topic, you end up loading a page about the size of 500KB.

Although this is fine for anyone with broadband internet access, I've created something just for Warez-BB to disable the viewing of avatars and signatures. If the feature is activated it'll load Warez-BB at it's full speed (normally up to 500% faster).

If you're registered and want to activate this feature, go into Profile click yes for Lite Surf and then click submit. It's this easy and you'll see the stunning results Wink

ps Another reason why Warez-BB is better than other warez forums :D

It's easy to have one?

I'm sure to have seen the stars under somea member's nick.
It's like karma on other forums.
Is any extension/mod to get this work done?

Finally, check this topic. http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … xtensions/
Have you any answer?



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