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#1 2004-11-07 14:56:37

~B Happy :)

Changing smilies

Ok, I've got 1 question - how can I change smilies? I deleted all smilies from the "smilies" folder, I inserted there my own, but they don't work (I've got over 70 smilies). So how can I get sth like "smilies gallery" (when writing post you would click on the left panel of the forum, on the "Smilies" link, the javascript popup would appear, showing gallery of smilies - clicking on any smilie would add it's code in the post.)? And how can I make the :) smilie to appear after typing for example :happy: ?
TIA for answers.


#2 2004-11-07 16:38:08

From: Lausanne (Switzerland)
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Re: Changing smilies



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