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#1 2004-07-02 17:54:21

New member
Registered: 2004-06-24
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Attachment mod

Ive found an Attachment MOD on punBB.org that i would like to have for my forum, but the downloadlink is broken.


Download link:

Could you plz post the mod on this forum or with the other mods in

Thank You So much// Erik



#2 2004-07-03 19:36:18

Former Administrator
From: Sweden
Registered: 2005-04-24
Posts: 431

Re: Attachment mod

FrankH doesn't want his mod to be posted on PunRes before it's reliable. And in it's current state.. It's not wink But I'm working on it as much as I can.

I don't have the files so you'll have to ask FrankH for them.

// Jansson

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#3 2004-07-10 13:28:02

Frank H

Re: Attachment mod

Well when I was visiting my parents a power surge shut down my servers ... so I had to restart them when I got back home, sorry for that.

I'll rewrite the mod from scratch, and that one I'll probably post here, as I now know how the mod should work and be made (as it's an extensive mod it's easy to do small mistakes that results in security holes, but most of them seem to be fixed, so a rewrite to make it have nicer code, and some added features in the next version ;))


#4 2004-09-10 23:10:03


Re: Attachment mod

Please please finnish this mod soon. I must have it ;)


#5 2004-09-18 19:25:08


Re: Attachment mod

Please  can  you  tell  us  how progress you work in attachment mod? I
really need that. (in percentage example;) ... and please, I hope that files will be stored on FTP, not MySQL


#6 2004-10-25 17:05:20


Re: Attachment mod

What has happened with this mod since that last message?


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