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#26 2007-11-26 05:08:48

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Re: Thoughts regarding the wiki

I hope this is the proper place to post this problem.
I followed the instructions on this page: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension … entication
Made a quick modification changing PunBBAuthentication.php to PunBBAuth.php.
But it doesn't seem to work at all.

The addToDatabase error seems to crop up when the user is an administrator or if the database is already populated with duplicate users. First, I flushed mediawikis user database to see if that would resolve it but it didn't for administrators. I then commented out the following section of code which seems really confusing:

        //if ( $user->getID() == 0 ) {
          //      $user->addToDatabase();
          // } else {
                /* Should cache some day, I guess smile */

Doesn't that mean if the user is an administrator then add them to the database? Otherwise, load the regular user from the database?

I run a website called 8bitcollective, based on punBB, and am currently trying to incorporate mediawiki's software as well. Any help or resources would greatly be appreciated by our community.



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