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#1 2004-09-13 02:42:46


Request: Pun Private Message Pop Up

Would it be possible for someone to make a script that would make  pop up on the users computer once they get a new private message? Thaks in advanced to anyone willing to!


#2 2004-09-13 07:35:11

Former Administrator
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Re: Request: Pun Private Message Pop Up

Well.. Only if there's a new message when the page reload. Though, more and more browsers implement popup blockers som most users wont see it.

// Jansson

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#3 2004-09-13 21:17:15


Re: Request: Pun Private Message Pop Up

Yes, I realize that, with Window's Service Pack 2, all I.E. users with be covered I suppose. Thanks though!

Always ~HMEternity


#4 2004-10-15 23:15:57

Rod-Guest Mode

Re: Request: Pun Private Message Pop Up

please stop with with fucking popup

a centered css layer is perfect : no need to wait for another loading, more elegant.


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