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#1 2009-07-14 19:22:12

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Registered: 2009-07-14
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Multi-user-post tool?

Looking for a solution where i can post alot of posts from different users. (talk with myself)

I write a question with USER1
Answer it with USER2
And some more text with USER3

And so on...
This without logging in/out or creating users manually.

Is it anything like what i want out there?
Or someone wants to make one for $$ ?

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#2 2009-07-18 00:56:10

From: Nevada, USA
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Re: Multi-user-post tool?

Launch 3 different browsers, say , IE, FF, and Chrome.
Log into the forum as a different user in each of those browsers.
Switch between the browsers to enter your posts (refreshing the page each time to switch to another browser).

Other than that there is nothing that will do this, and i am willing to bet it would be near impossible (or simply maddening) to try to code.

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