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#1 2009-02-03 18:59:07

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Antibot problems

Hello everybody,
I'm a new user of PunBB (1.2.17), but already I have problems with bots. I tried to solve this problem with the help of Antibot, but it didn't start up in the right way, specifically the verification picture didn't show up below the text on the registration page.
I followed the installation of Antibot 2.0.1. My main directory for punBB is called "forum" (imaginative, isn't it?), is the name OK? I'm thinking of the first instruction which says to put font.png in PUN_ROOT. For me that should be "forum". Changing name to PUN_ROOT doesn't work.
Tried both the color picture and the black and white picture (and renaming it to font.png) without luck.
My ISP runs PHP5.
Any suggestions? I really want to get rid of those bots.




#2 2009-02-04 06:36:49

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Re: Antibot problems

Your host may not have the required graphics libraries installed in PHP to run a graphical CAPTCHA. If this is the case (and I am not familiar with the requirements of the Antibot mod..), I do have some suggestions for alternative anti-bot measures.

1: put in place a simple text based question on the registration page like so:


2: (better) use Jacky's excellent text based antibot mod at:


People have had success with both. They are also both pretty easy to implement.



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