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#1 2009-01-10 23:20:39

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Change style - Step 2

My last post a pile of frustrations and pleas. Here is the first point which leaves me standing while everyone else has run around the corner:

The instructions say the style installer "requires the webserver to have write permission in the following folders: *img/ *include/template/ *style/ *style/imports/".

And the very next thing is:  "When everything is ready...".

For a complete beginner, there is a HUGE gap between those two instructions. Huge!

It seems to tell me that after I download the installer to my computer and unzip, I should then make changes to my PunBB directory on my site directory(which I can do).  Is this assumption correct?

...Not giving up yet



#2 2009-01-11 06:29:29

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Re: Change style - Step 2

Yes, your assumption is correct. You need to go into the Unix filesystem of your web host where your PunBB files are, and modify the write permissions on those folders so that the user the webserver runs as has permission to write stuff into them.

You really should ask your web host to help you do this if you cannot do it yourself. Normally you could use some FTP clients to set those permissions but I am not sure you are familiar with FTP or permissions, so best that you get assistance from your host.



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