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#1 2008-07-23 10:28:18

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Limiting forums in mod active topics

I am looking for a piece of code, for mod active topics 1.2  that will limit the forums from which active topics appear on the index of my forum.
Yes, I am not a programmer.
Yes I know this is probably somewhere else on this forum.
Anyone willing to help with code or a link to the previously posted answer to this question, I thank you.

For those who want to tell me I'm an idiot that needs to learn to use the search function or learn php, I am sure you are correct, but in the mean time, this would greatly improve my website and I appreciate any help from those more learned then I on the use of this program.

And, for the record, I have been searching for code, such as what I am describing, for hours on this board.

Thanks again smile

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