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#1 2008-04-06 03:27:36

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Need A "Hired Gun"

Using a registration and login system called "phplogin" to restrict access to certain portions of our site to registered users only. Php script writing to a  mysql db with a "restriction code" eg


require ( '/chroot/home/mysite/php-bin/phplogin/settings.php' );
$login->checkLogin ( '1 2' );

on all the "protected pages" 

PunBB is protected but at the present time, users must register and login twice... once in phplogin to get to Punbb
and again for forums.  Would like to integrate phplogin info into punbb db

NOT A PROGRAMER.. Know just enough php to be dangerous :-)  Have searched the forums for several days and have found several threads discussing injecting user data into the punbb user table, as well as auto login etc, but the discussions are way over my knowledge level.

Looking for  a hired gun to give me an assessment of the possibility of this integration and a budget number for cost





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