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#1 2008-02-13 07:31:35

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Notify Members Of Unread Private Messages (PMs)

Hey All,

I want to find a way to notify my members that they have unread private messages. 

Let me first say that I don't want my members to get an email notification every time there is a PM (in my opinion this defeats the purpose of a PM system).   With that said, I'd like to find ways to let members know they have unread PMs.  Here are some of my ideas:

1)  Run a script to look for users that have at least one unread PM and send them an email that says "Dear <user>, you have xx unread PMs".   I'd run this script via CRON every two weeks or so.

2)  Simply announce the PM notification better.   Maybe a different color, blinking text, popup, etc.

Any ideas / suggestions on how to do either and/or both of the above?




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