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#1 2004-08-07 02:08:19

From: Syria
Registered: 2004-07-19
Posts: 51

Post Rating MOD has opened

if you need make your forum as for Ask and Answer, you need to consider Topics and first post is a question, but if have many post in this topic, one post or more is the answer or good answer (worked), the Rank system in PunBB forum depent on how many post you have, not how many good answers, that mean you will be expert (good member), by many junk or spaming forum with out good answers.

i will Build MOD for rating post But:

1 - Should i add another Rank System or just modify the current (modify it's easy for me).
2 - Should add "Rate it" (good , worked , bad ...etc), or just "Accepted" in bottom of post.
3 - one accepted answer only for the topic or many accepted answers

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#2 2004-08-07 11:02:33

Former Administrator
From: Sweden
Registered: 2005-04-24
Posts: 431

Re: Post Rating MOD has opened

I think it's easier for you and your visitors to just have one "Accepted" button. And one accepted message for every thread.

I think you should modify the current rank system. But you should still be able to fill in a custom title.

// Jansson

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