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#1 2005-03-03 19:49:43

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[READ THIS] About PunBB versions and mods

Later, most posts on this forum have been simlar to this:

Does this work with 1.2.*

Well, first, we must know what the numbers means. This first number is the major version. The difference between 1.* and 2.* is, simply put, everything. It is rewritten from scratch (or should be). The second one is minor versions. The difference between 1.0 and 1.1 can be small updates to major updates, but updates the same code (not written from scratch). The minor versions often includes new functions. The last one is bugfixes. Very small updates but often many of them. No new functions are implemented in a bugfix. Therefor, most mods will work.

This is what people will answer when you ask the question quoted above:

Major version *.0 - No
Minor version 1.* - No
Bugfixes 1.0.* - Most likely yes.

Note: When installing a mod on a bugfix that is not "officially" supported by the mod, you may have to change the version array in install_mod.php (if that file is used). And keep in mind that the line numbers can change a little bit with bugfixes +/-5 lines.

For the current release of PunBB, the part you add should look like


, '1.2.14'

// Jansson

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