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#1 2006-04-20 18:08:28

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Please read! Ideas and feature proposals for PunRes!

1. Replacing "Mod discussions" and "Releases" forums
In the next version of PunRes, would you like to see that the current system with a thread for each release and another forum (Mod discussions) for genereal discussions about the mods. The reason that the release threads were born was to make it easier to keep track of new releases, and at the same time have a place to discuss bugs etc in the particular release.

In PunRes 3.2 however, there will be a list of new releases on the start page. Therefor, I'm thinking of moving towards a system where each project have their own forum where users can discuss anything related to the current project including releases. This will make the release threads and the "Mod discusssions" forum obsolete.

2. New style previewer
A new style previewer system where you will be able to operate the forum like any other. The database would reset once a day.

- Please, only give feedback on these ideas in this thread. If you have feature requests, make a new thread.

Please note that this post is constantly being updated when new ideas emerge

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