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#1 2004-12-27 17:05:50


Calendar 1.6

Here is I have just installed Calendar 1.6 on my site and any problem to be indicated to level script.

I have two small questions:

The first:
I see that the calendar takes quite posts to post on the forum, but what I would want it is that it takes into account only a section or will be regrouped event. Because my site and a site on the sail which includes a calendar of competition. If I can use the calendar to post regatta and details by way of the forum I shall be a happy man.
So here is if somebody has an idea so that the calendar clocks at a section and anything else I am a buyer.

With regard to instruction for colour I have of to add 3 lines in the CSS
But when one looks at the dark gray bottom do not change him anybody know code so that I can change the bottom to see example:

Thank you for your help


#2 2004-12-30 13:32:27


Re: Calendar 1.6

For the second question, I have to find my happiness
On the other hand for the first question always no idea?
It is super important for me.
Thank you for your help


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