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Full name:
PunBB Human Test - Anti SPAM Mod
Latest release:
1.1, a total of 2 release(s)

Update 1.1:
Tested with PunBB 1.2.21 and included modified and original register.php for 1.2.21
Also updated installation instructions for 1.2.21
http://www.network-technologies.org/Pro … mod_punbb/

My modifications to the registration process of PunBB protect against spam bots directly submitting POST variables to register.php and require the user to answer a simple question, such as: "What is five plus one?".
This easy to answer question is pretty hard for a computer to answer because the computer needs to recognize the question first.
Furthermore, the math problem is written out, a user may answer 6 or six so the validation step must support both ways to answer the question.

You can find an instruction manual and a zip download on my website:
http://www.network-technologies.org/Pro … mod_punbb/

Important Notes Regarding Question Selection:
Because the validation scheme supports many questions it is possible to make the mod almost useless if you have a lot of questions with the same answer or very short answers.
Assume that you have added 10 questions, most of the questions are simple math problems such as 1+1 or 2-1 which only have a one digit answer, then a spammer can adjust his SPAM bot to attempt a brute force attack. When brute forcing, the bot will attempt to try any possible combination so any simple question can be broken very quickly.
It is a good idea to apply standard password policies to the answers, no answer should be shorter then 6 characters.
It is also a good idea not to include the word which is supposed to be typed into the answer field within the question.

Here are a few not so good examples:
- What is 1+1?
- Write the word red into the field below.

Here are a few good questions you may want to modify to build your question/answer file:
- Remove all occurrences of the number 2 from the word "2jel2ly2" and type it into the box below (without quotes)
- Fill in the missing character and enter the word into the box below: cof_ee
- Fill in the missing character and enter the word into the box below: mat_ematics
- What does one hundred PLUS thirty PLUS twenty five PLUS two hundred equal to?
- What year did Apollo 11 land on the moon?
- Write the number one thousand three hundred thirty three in numbers.

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