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Project: Users Map

Author: keyes
Category: Extensions
Latest release:
1.0.2 (2005-08-22)
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Users Map is punBB mod who use Google Maps to provide members localisation.

Users Map have 3 main functionalities:
- UM provide a general map with markers where users live.
- A little map with a marker where the user live is diplayed in the profile.
- All registred users can select their coordinates in their profiles.

An admin interface and a XML file (i.e: to use with AJAX) are also provided.

View a demo of the general map
View a de…

Project: Users Online

Author: Koos
Category: Extensions
Latest release:
1.2 (2009-09-07)
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Adds the follow 3 features to the board info on
the index.php page:
*Displays users online in past xx minutes/hours
*Displays most users online ever
*Colored Usergroups

Project: UTF-8 Language Packs

Author: International Domainer
Category: Other
Latest release:
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* All langauge display in the native language and will display as such in the forum menus.

* Updates all existing punbb 1.2 language packs as of 1/18/2008 to utf-8.

Project: View All Posts In Topic On One Page

Author: hcs
Category: Extensions
Latest release:
1.0.0 (2006-10-23)
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Adds the link for a conclusion all of posts in a topic on one page.
Longer Topic by Admin [ 1 2 3 All ]

Project: Welcome Text Mod

Author: Razmooze
Category: New functions
Latest release:
1.0 (2005-11-21)
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This mod displays a welcome text at the top of
the <pun_status> box during a given number of minutes.
It shows the text "Welcome to the forum <First name>!",
Where <First name> is the first part of the users Real
name field, or "Welcome to the forum <Real name>"
depending on the plugin settings.
There are three options in the plugin:
* timeout - minutes to show the welcome text since login.
* full name - …

Project: Who read this

Author: tsyr2ko
Category: Extensions
Latest release:
1.0 (2007-05-26)
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It's a simple plugin who linkify number of views for admin / modo
and on click, display a popup with readers and how many times they read the topic.

Note: views before installing the mod are not stored anywhere, that's why the older views
don't appear in the popup window after installation. It may cause an inconsistency
between the number of views displayed on the forum page and the total of the views in the popup

Project: WikiSearch

Author: mannungo
Category: Other
Latest release:
0.1 (2007-07-19)
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Convert wiki-syntax into a link to a search by subject.
If there is only 1 hit, jump directly to the post.

Allowed expressions:
- [[ pattern ]]
- [[ forum_name / pattern ]]
- [[ forum_name / pattern | display_text ]]

Project: wsi_adrotator - This project is outdated

Category: New functions
Latest release:
1.0 (2004-10-06)
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WSI Ad Rotator is a new mod who give the capability to use banners on PunBB sites.
Manage and random order display advertising banners, sort them into groups and
automaticly expire them after a date, a number of displays or clicks has
passed. Stats for administrator and sponsor on screen and printable as autogenerated PDF:s. Based on JMK Advertisement Rotator and FPDF scripts.

Project: Xfire Profile Extension

Author: WildTangent
Category: Extensions
Latest release:
1.1 (2006-01-24)
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This mod adds an Xfire account name box in your profile alongside MSN, AIM, YIM, ICQ et all.

Project: YM Online Status

Category: Extensions
Latest release:
1.0.1 (2005-12-20)
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Adds yahoo! messenger online / offline status to user contact links in user info.

Project: You can see profile!

Category: New functions
Latest release:
2.0 (2005-08-15)
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Modification add link 'View profile' for 'Profile menu' and it allows browsing of profile.

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