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» Announcing PunBBig and PunBB+

Many years ago user Chacmool (the original creator of popular PunBB mods such as the Private Message System and PunPoll) created a website listing some of the largest boards on the internet using PunBB 1.1 and 1.2. It was called PunBBig. You can see the original announcement here. There were not many big PunBB boards around at the time, and one of the biggest on his list had about 170,000 posts. After a while Chacmool kind of lost interest in maintaining it, and later the site went offline.

Now after the departure of Rickard Andersson from PunBB (the creator of PunBB), and the handover of the project to Informer Technologies (see PunBB History), the focus shifted to the newer PunBB 1.3 and 1.4 branches. Since PunRes contains mainly mods for PunBB 1.2, I was interested to see who still used this branch, and I set about creating a script to automatically collect stats of forums running PunBB 1.2. I was suprised to find that there are still many thousands of active boards around using PunBB 1.2, even though this branch is no longer supported by the new owners, and has not been updated for a few years. In fact, I found almost 300 boards with posts of more than 40,000, totalling more than 110 million posts in total! There is even one giant forum with about 25 million posts! I have added these stats to a "revived" version of PunBBig to PunRes, and it can be accessed from the top menu bar.

I have personally still be using PunBB 1.2 for my own forum projects, but a slightly modified version thereof, which includes a couple of extra needed features and fixes. I am today releasing this modified version as an unofficial update of the PunBB 1.2 branch. I have called it PunBB+, and it can be downloaded from the newly created Downloads section. In addition I have also release a French version, based on the official PunBB 1.2 French translation by PunBB.fr, and also a Russian version, which is a modified version of PunBB+, based on the Russian PunBB 1.2 version that was released by PunBB.ru, which includes UTF-8 support, and a couple of pre-installed mods and plugins.

Some other updates
I have also made a couple of smaller updates to PunRes recently:
• Added option to sort by release date and author when browsing projects and styles.
• Style "release date" is now also displayed when browsing styles.
• Made an improvement to the PunRes search tool.

Posted by Koos on Tue, 16th Apr 2013 | Comments

» PunRes back online

PunRes has finally been restored after being offline for about 3 months. Kristoffer Jansson (the creator of PunRes) has decided to cease his involvement with PunRes, so I am now taking over as the new administrator and owner.

You will notice that the PunRes address has changed from punres.org to punres.net. This is because the punres.org domain expired and was captured by a domain squatter almost immediately thereafter.

Also note that all user passwords were cleared when PunRes was passed over to me. To login with your old username, just follow the "Forgotten your password" link on the login page to reset your password.

It took me a while, but I succeeded in restoring all original functionality of PunRes, including:

• Removed Google Ads
• Replaced all instances of punres.org with punres.net

• Restored the wiki
• Currently no one has permission to edit the wiki. Send me an e-mail if you want permission.

• Added 42 styles
• Generated thumbs for all styles. Note that thumbs are still not automatically generated when uploading styles, but will be generated periodically.
• Fixed style previewer
• Styles are now sorted case-insensitive alphabetically on the styles pages. Previously they were sorted: a-z and then A-Z

Board Stats:
• Restored board stats script. I had to rewrite the boards update script since it was not included in the files Kristoffer sent me.

• Synchronised user post counts using "Forum cleanup" plugin
• Updated forum software
• Pruned users using "User management" plugin. Pruned all users who have been registered for at least 28 days and have 0 posts. There were an unbelievable 418,354 users pruned using these criteria!
• Uninstalled image verification mod (not very effective - too easy for spambots)
• Uninstalled akismet mod (too many false positives)

Posted by Koos on Wed, 26th Sep 2012 | Comments

» Registration suspended for 48 hours

Registration suspended for next 48 hours. This is due to the 300+ accounts created daily for spam abuse.

If you urgently need to register then you can contact me personally at stevenbullen[at]gmail[.]com to sort out a login.

EDIT: Registration has now been turned back on (for the moment).

Posted by StevenBullen on Sun, 28th Feb 2010 | Comments

» PunBB Resource and 1.3

I've posted a blog post over at the PunBB dev blog about how PunRes will adapt to 1.3 and it's extension system:


Posted by Jansson on Wed, 13th Feb 2008 | Comments

» A happy new year!

Perhaps a tad late, but a happy new year to all of you nonetheless!

- The PunRes team

Posted by elbekko on Tue, 1st Jan 2008 | Comments

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